Saturday, April 14, 2012

I think... therefore I have a headache...

"Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age, the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies." -Edna St Vincent Millay

So how does this apply to every day life? As parents, are we fully aware of our children's childhood? Aware to the point that they are having a good childhood regardless of what we have for them to do or the way we push them in school/sports/home? I personally enjoy reverting back to my "childhood" when I play with my kids-granted, their toys are a hell of a lot cooler, but I still have some of my old toys and I share that with them. My big girls were gifted all of my Barbies & Barbie stuff (with the exception of two dolls and a handful of clothes) and Alex was gifted my My Little Pony stuff (with the exception of a couple of things). I still have my Dream Dancer and my Baby Skates, and yes, I enjoy playing with them from time-to-time, thank you very much.
When you play with your kids and/or with their toys, does it make you feel like you're young again? Like you'll "never" get old and die?

First, a bit of family-type news.
Bub seems to have stalled on the potty-training, but that's as much our fault as it is his. We're not very strict with him about it.
Alex is playing soccer and loving it! She is doing well, too. Both Mimi & Liz played soccer, so there must be something in those Garner genes.
Lizzie got glasses, but you'd have to be blind (excuse the pun) to have not seen that one coming!
Mimi got an insulin pump; her start date is May 07. I still have mixed feelings about this.

I'm looking forward to this being a somewhat relaxing weekend-last weekend was ridiculously busy so I'm hoping this weekend is the antithesis of that. Although it already started with a run to Home Depot at 8am because Jason went outside to see why the dryer wasn't working and lo & behold, discovered a bird's nest in the air hose. We also needed a new toilet seat because *somebody* cracked the old one. Jason is currently at Thornton Chrysler getting the new tires put on the truck.

Rant one-I have no problem with people who need to use medication to encourage their weight loss... but you're sorta missing the point if that's the first place you go, and you continue to eat the way you did before you started taking the medication. Change your eating habits, get some exercise... if absolutely none of that works, then try a medication if you need to... but ffs, don't keep eating the way you always did while taking the medication. Any doctor worth his salt won't keep you on it forever and if you haven't learned any healthy habits you will balloon right back up again, dumbass.

Rant two-I'm sick of people's stupid excuses. If you forgot something, say that... don't make excuses for why you didn't do it. Or, if you forgot because it isn't that important to you, say that... again, don't make dumb excuses and apologies. Just be honest, ffs.

Rant three-Having things "conveniently work out" so that you look like you care oh-so-much more than you do. You got fuckin' lucky. Don't make it any more than that, because it isn't, dammit.

Rant four-Leopards don't change their spots. Want different spots? Find a different leopard.

Rant five-Serial "like"-ers on FaceBook... especially those who continually "like" things of their friends with whom they no longer have a real relationship. I'm not talking about folks who both like & comment and are trying to keep the friendship alive; but folks whose brains are firing a few synapses short... I'm actually thinking of a certain person in particular, and she has always been a few neurons short, but whatever.
And in thinking about it, I realized how much this could apply to me and a certain friend that I almost never talk to. I'd like to think our relationship, however, is stronger than that and blame business and life on the fact that we don't talk as much as we used to anymore. I actually sorta wish I knew one way or the other...

The weather of late had been bothering me too-fortunately now its warm again and going to stay that way. The week of 90* and then into the 30's overnight... like to killed me. I was talking to one of my coworkers not that long ago and she chuckled when I said that I liked warm weather because none of my joints hurt. True story-arthritis and cold weather suuuuuuck.

Hmm... what else... I got verbally attacked the other day for answering what I thought was an honest question. Silly me. Oh well, "to forgive is divine"... or something.
On the same note, I also love folks who jump to conclusions without knowing the whole story. At that point I can only hope that when the story is told to them, they change their opinion.

I'm trying to work on some stuff that will change me for the better, but hopefully will change our whole situation and make life better for the kids and our family. I have worries and stress about it, but I can't help but wonder why it wouldn't work out since it is actually a rational, more-than-theoretical way of thinking.
And I came across an old blog the other day where I promised a friend something... maybe through my current avenue I can not only do for myself & my family, but keep my promise.

And last, but not least, I don't guess...