Monday, August 4, 2014

Horrible People

There are some horrible people in this world. And I'm not talking scary-horrible (Hitler, Bin Laden), but just regular, run-of-the-mill horrible. The people that know they are bad people-mean, rude, self-righteous, self-serving and they don't care. The people who always have to be having a worse situation, day, week, month, LIFE than anybody else-and whenever someone else says something about a tough situation they are going through, these horrible people have to chime in with the thousand ways their lives are more awful / disturbing / time consuming / difficult / draining, etc.

(I give some leniency to horrible people that either are aware of it and trying to change or those people who are oblivious and don't know they're being horrible)

But this is about those folks we all encounter that make you turn away and go "good Lord, you are a bad person!"

A few days ago, I reposted one of those meme-things that said something about how bad it is to be right about someone being a bad person; but the person has everybody else snowed, so you are the only one who knows how truly bad the person is and you tell people, who don't believe you and then you later spend a lot of time telling people "I told you so." This goes with that.

In the following (dangling participle), I put the word "friend" in quotations thusly, because the person to whom I'm referring is incapable of really being a friend. She is friendly to people only as far as it serves her own purposes, and then only on the surface. When she is done with you, she makes no bones about cutting off communication without a second thought or an explanation, and also has no problem tearing you apart to anybody who will listen.

One of my good friends posted earlier that she was having a tough time with something. A "friend" of hers commented on it and rather than just give support, went on for quite a while about her own personal issue, and concluded the comment with "well I'm sorry I just clogged your feed with my own personal drama, but...". The HELL you are. Here's the thing about making a comment like that on someone's post on something like FaceBook-if you realize what you did, and you are truly sorry, there's this little button in the upper right corner of the "qwerty" section of your keyboard... its called BACKSPACE. How about you F'n use it?!? But no... because that would be the right thing to do and wouldn't give you any room to emphasize the ways your life is more terrible than anybody else's, and the stuff you have gone through is worse than anything anybody else has gone through. And here's another newsflash, Sweetcheeks... maybe your life is SO much more terrible and difficult and draining than anybody else's because of the choices YOU made and the things you brought on yourself. But wait... that couldn't be it... because nothing is ever your fault.

My continuing hope is that either she stops being a horrible person (not likely) or the rest of the folks she has snowed realize what a horrible person she is and she doesn't get anymore of a chance to hurt anybody else with her behavior.