Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Culinary Bucket List

As promised... round two.

1.Bronzeback Cafe/360 Grille-Florence
2.Cafe Du Monde-New Orleans
3. Deep Dish pizza in Chicago
4. Chicago hot dog in Chicago
5. Church's Chicken
6. Dyer's Burgers, Memphis
7. El Pollo Loco
8. Gulf shrimp at Gulf Shores
9. Gus' Fried Chicken, Memphis
10. Heart Attack Grill
11. Hollywood Cafe, Mississippi
12. In & Out Burger
13. Katz's Deli, NYC
14. McDonald's in NYC-the expensive one
15. Peter Luger's Steaks, NYC
16. Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh
17. Rendezvous Ribs, Memphis (we've had the food, but I want to go there to eat it)
18. Varsity, Atlanta
19. Willie Mae's Scotch House, New Orleans
20. Wing It, Buffalo

1 comment:

  1. If you are going to Seattle, you should add eating at the restaurant at the top of the space needle 8)
    Have you already had a slice of New York Pizza in New york? and cheesecake form new york? Any little dive in NY would work for the pizza, i recommend Juniors in Brooklyn for the cheese cake 8) (OMG their cheesecake is HEAVEN the BEST I have ever tasted!)
    I've had a chicago dog and chicago deep dish pizza (lived up there for 6 months lol) And of course i've had heart attack grill, el pollo loco and in n out burger 8) Mm Mm good!