Friday, February 25, 2011

Hypocrisy, Southern differences & the Apple Bottom Jeans song

First-first... my big girl is going to spend the night with her Nonie tonight. For the first time away from Mommy & Daddy since she was too little to remember. We left her with my folks for the weekend when we went to Eastern State in 2008, but she was barely 2 then. She doesn't remember. Tonight she is going to spend the night with Nonie, just her... Bubs is staying home with us. Big girl. Hopefully this won't kill me the way leaving Bubs for one night did over the summer when we took the girls to Huntsville.

Next... hypocrisy. Really?!? Really?!? Somebody I know said, "do this particular thing this particular way because doing it any other way we are lacking in communication." So today, I did the thing in question the way I was previously instructed. I got a call shortly thereafter saying that I didn't need to do it that way because it "wastes paper". Wait... what? You just got through telling me to do it that way, so I do what you told me and now I'm wasting paper. Oh-kay...

Southern differences. Which ones now? So glad you asked.
We got a refund check in the mail today from the kids' pediatrician's office because our well-child visits don't require a copay, and we had paid one when the kids had their physicals in December. That was nice. The problem-it came addressed/made out to Jason. Just Jason. I was the one that took the kids in, and here's the kicker... the insurance is in MY NAME. I called them and asked why and they said that he was the "responsible party". I asked how that could be, given that I'd brought the kids in and the insurance was in my name. "Did he do the paperwork?" she asked. I again said no, he hasn't done the paperwork, I'm the one that brought the kids/brings the kids and its MY insurance, so I want it changed in their records. She said that "when they have a married couple, they just list the father first." I said that was nice, but I wanted it changed to reflect the way it really is. She sounded almost offended that I insisted on it, said they'd take care of it, and hung up on me! How polite! FFS, its not like I was asking her to pay for everything or something-just fix the account to the way it should have been to begin with.

Last, and I really have a rant that goes with this, but unfortunately there are too many people who could read it and get pissy so I'll refrain for now and just ask...
What does the "Apple Bottom jeans" song have to do with a professional working environment?

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