Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Question Friday-04/08/2011

1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
That's easy. My weight. Hands down. I'd like to be about 30 lbs lighter. Especially now that its Summer(ish) down South.

2. Write about a time you got lost.
Hmm... I have a really good sense of direction so it doesn't happen often. I can't remember a time other than when I was a teenager and purposely "getting lost" driving around.
I was scared to death to get lost when we drove from Connecticut to Alabama. Especially since I had the kids with me. God bless the cell phones; we were in constant contact-Jason, Dad & me.

3. Camping or 5 star hotel?
Hotel! It doesn't even have to be 5-star. I'm perfectly happy at the Hampton Inn. But as a famous TV personality once said, "I'm an indoor girl". I just don't see the need to sleep outside and pee in the woods.

4. Have you donated blood?
Yes I have. Not for several years though.

5. Do you have a budget or do you 'fly by' most months?
I used to be the budget queen! Sometime around July of last year I got "lost" (haha) doing the budget and haven't gotten caught up and rebudgeting since. We've been sort of 'flying by' since. It hasn't been fun and I'm yearning to have the time and opportunity to make a budget.

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