Thursday, April 7, 2011

About Me ABC's

Age: Almost 32. Literally, almost. Like 3 more days.
Bed Size: Queen. Unless the kid(s) are in the bed with us. Then it feels like a baby bed.
Chore I Hate: Kitty litter. I always try to find a way to weasel my husband into doing it. Usually guilt works-we both work full time jobs and I do EVERYTHING else (except brown recluse spider killing)... he can change the litter.
Dogs: Not until we have more space. Then I want an English Bulldog and a Newfie. Jason wants a Rottweiler.
Essential Start of My Day: Diet Mountain Dew and a few minutes on FaceBook at work before I get bombarded by clients.
Favorite Color: Purple.
Gold or Silver: White gold preferably. But Platinum is nice too. I like the look and that it doesn't tarnish.
Height: Taller than my mother.
Instruments I Play: Voice-I sing. I also can noodle my way through a little bit on the piano. But I haven't for a long time, and when I did it was by ear. I can't read music.
Job Title: Mother. When I'm not doing that I'm a Substance-Abuse Counselor.
Kids: Love them! We have 4. Mimi-13, Liz-10, Alex-5, Bubs-2. Thinking maybe one more in the future? My luck we'd have twins. :)
Live: The beautiful Deep South; Florence, Alabama :)
Milk or Dark Chocolate: Either, thanks.
Nicknames: Mama, Mommy, Mel, Mel Squared, Yocco (that's an oldie). I also used to be called "Tons O Fun".
Overnight Hospital Stays: When I was born, when Alex was born and when Bubs was born. I've also sat up all night in the hospital with friends/clients.
Pet Peeve: LOL, where to start? Talking with your mouth full, chewing with your mouth open, general stupidity, general disrespect and my husband's ex (who fits into a few of those categories).
Quote from a Movie: "Just 'cause I talk slow doesn't mean I'm stupid..."
Right or Left-Handed: Technically I can write with both, but its easier to read with the right. I sew left-handed, sorta.
Siblings: Nope.
Time I Wake Up: 415-ish, usually. On the weekends, if I can sleep past 6 I'm doing good.
Underwear: Pretty patterns and colors, bikini-briefs or regular briefs. I know, "granny panties" aren't attractive, but dammit they're comfortable and I have to wear them!
Vegetable I Love: Yes! The list of what I don't like is much shorter.
XRays I Have Had: Teeth, chest. Ankle maybe? I can't remember.
Yummy Food I Make: Soups or stews are my specialty. Jason does the majority of the cooking, so I don't often. But don't confuse "don't" with "can't", like my dear friend Nora did.
Zoo Animal I Like Best: Umm... a hippo or a rhino maybe? Something large and in charge.

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